Отбор акций (penny stock) от InvestorsLive для торговли 14.07.2014

Бесплатный отбор акций Nasdaq, AMEX и OTC от Nathan Michaud (investorslive) для сегодняшней торговли. BlackBerry Limited (BBRY) will continue to monitor for the fade but as I’ve said all along the higher it goes the more likely to fill the gap mid 13s …. I don’t want to get TOO ahead of it but I want to start in and be there for it so I can add to a winner — at this rate the more it consolidates the less likely to have a big pull back though WPCS International Incorporated (WPCS) weak open red/green rip .. lotta volume into the last hour $1 over/under … ideally gap up rip .. $1.10 rip thru maybe $1.20-30s + and sit back … be careful getting to far ahead of this it was a pump (paid tout) on Friday they aren’t dumb they probably have more news lined up .. but will eventually fade Crumbs Bake Shop, Inc. (CRMB) gap up parabolic maybe? more news out this weekend so it may be nothing .. may gap down … if not I really hope for a gap up and push out of the gate through Friday highs so that we can get a nice short back under .50s because if it does gap … that is going to be the PERFECT lay up trade Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ACHN) weak open red/green breakout through $8 … I always underestimate these rebounds off the lows and end up getting squeezed the first day so my goal is to let it peak out w/ a lower high .. or $8 parabolic and start in .. but nothing to get short early on with any quick weakness because many times they float right back up and ramp Полный обзор акций от Nathan Michaud находится по адресу http://buyalert.ru/otbor-akcij-penny-stock-ot-investorslive-dlya-torgovli-14-07-2014/
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