Отбор акций от Nathan Michaud (InvestorsLive) для торговли 22.07.2014

Today was good to start — huge 80% gain on NETE idea w/ the high price target — but I gave a few back on ZAZA and stubborn on GLUU — on that note I had a few PMs of people doing exactly what I said not to do — adding into ZAZA fade randomly and panic at lows — when the trend broke you need to sell especially if the plan is to start 1/4 and add IF trend holds — that means IF trend HOLDS Glu Mobile, Inc. (GLUU) got a lil stubborn on the last pop then fade .. I would really suggest to go back through the logs as I told the Elite video people because you can see each time it washed out and held on the 1 min chart where I said to go ahead and make sure to play smart — we WILL nail this it’s just a matter of time but for now they need to squeeze out everyone who didn’t expect it to break out from $6.50s — once they exhaust those … we should have a nice play soon NQ Mobile Inc. (NQ) looking for a gap up ideally push thru $6 and sit back Plug Power Inc. (PLUG) gap up rip through $6 ++ then sit back quick nail for .10-.15 take profits wait for next set up Summer Infant, Inc. (SUMR) weak open red/green rip on $4 Ссылка на полный отбор акций для сегодняшней торговли">Ссылка на полный отбор акций для сегодняшней торговли

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