Отбор акций InvestorsLive для торговли NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX 28.07.2014

El Pollo Loco Holdings, Inc. (LOCO) nice first day IPO — hopefully has a nice gap up this one will require locating the borrow at CP via Quantex …. most of you won’t have borrows so don’t waste time watching it if you don’t — look for long opps — $25 gap up para is what I’d like to see and pops for s/s for sure BUT don’t forget GPRO and how it never really had the back side of the move start until peaking at $50s — so if you start short and it grinds against you it’s ok to be wrong vs. add add adding and getting squeezed out Inventergy Global, Inc. (INVT) watching this one in the coming days/weeks not necessarily tomorrow but will watch for any news etc now that it’s done a reverses split and former runner … easily can get going Facebook, Inc. (FB) monitoring for a trade over/under $75 …. if market keeps being wild … can go to $80 easily but if SPY keeps fading we could end up filling the gap — just on radar Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ARIA) I think everyone is short this name and that’s why it’s holding up — nice trade Friday but watch all big pops using $6 as a guide if it grinds … stay out of it Полный обзор акций для сегодняшней торговли доступен по адресу http://buyalert.ru/otbor-akcij-investorslive-dlya-torgovli-nyse-nasdaq-amex-28-07-2014

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